First Two Weeks at Avanade


Today was the mark of my first two weeks at Avanade and I have to say that each day gets better and better.

I was fortunate enough today to go out to lunch with one of our directors, a few of our recruiters, and some of my fellow new Seattle hires. It was an hour filled with good food and good conversation. If you are looking for a good place for a seafood meal check out Anthony’s. I recommend one of their amazing salmon or tuna bowls.

As far as orientation and training goes, Avanade has presented us with a very interesting, and I think very unique, training regiment. After our initial orientation to the company, which included a series of videos and documents outlining company vision and goals, we got right into training on how to be a consultant and work on projects in teams.

My next few weeks will be filled with virtual and in-person team meetings, technical training videos, and a whole lot of development as we work through a simulated .NET project. Stay tuned as I will be sure to give you an update on how the project ends up… if I survive it, that is.

2 thoughts on “First Two Weeks at Avanade

  1. Jennifer

    Glad to see you’re enjoying the new company as much as I am. I hope your project is going well!! And I 100% agree on Anthony’s. It’s definitely good food.

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