Seattle Living


Well, after one crazy week I am finally moved into my condo in Seattle. My holiday week consisted of three trips from Seattle to Bellingham and back. For some reason I decided that Christmas day would be the day that I would unpack. So at 5:30 in the morning I finally threw my mattress on the floor and called it a night. Now that I have had a couple of days to situate everything and decorate I am feeling pretty good about my new place. So far I really like living where I am. Living in the city is definitely a big change from living in Snohomish or Bellingham. My only dilemma now will be what I am going to do to keep myself busy over the next three weeks until work starts. Today I went to the bank and the post office to change my address.. meaning.. I am almost out of things to do.

Apartment Finding and Durant Durant


Well.. I am officially a Seattleite. This evening I meet with my landlord to sign the lease for my new place in Seattle. And to make the night even better, Kelly called me with an extra ticket to the Sonics game.

So after battling traffic and arriving half an hour late to meeting with my landlord, we were off to the Sonics game. But wait, about 5 minutes after leaving my condo, yeah, we get rear ended. Luckily there was no visible damage to my car. So he gave me his number and, after a “cheers”, he was off and we were back on our way to the Key.

Long story short, the Sonics suck.. I am sorry, but they do. And to make it even worse the best parts of the game were the 3 alley oops by the Hornets.

Apartment Hunting


Today was my third and final day of apartment hunting in Seattle.

I started on Sunday with a tour of Belltown with my grandma where we looked at several apartment complexes around the area. Unfortunately, in Belltown, they were all either too small and ghetto or too expensive.

I was at it again on Monday where I focused in on one studio on 3rd and Blanchard. After inspecting the apartment I was almost sure that this was the one. That is until we discussed parking. This complex does not offer parking and it was going to be an additional $200 a month to park at the local garages. So I decided to sleep on it.

Today I decided to put in a call to a private condo owner who was looking to rent out his condo down on Elliott Ave W, about a mile and a half from work, down Elliott. Went down, took a look, and asked where to sign. This place is a bit on the higher end of my price range but since I will be doing some work from home, I figured that I better be in a place that I could actually enjoy living and working in.