First Day at Avanade



Today was my first day at Avanade in Seattle. The day started with a walk to work, which was just a bit over a mile down Elliott Ave and only took about 20 minutes. I arrived right on time and after a short greeting, was taken up stairs to get my badge and an office tour. The morning continued with a laptop and technology orientation. Being that a technology consulting firm, Avanade employees utilize the very latest from Microsoft. Then after lunch we continued on with the HR and Staffing orientations. And of course, being Seattle, the walk home was very wet. I learned that walking next to a busy street with fast moving cars in the rain with puddles on the road.. is not such a good idea. All in all it was a very overwhelming but exciting day and it looks like a very busy week ahead while I try to get acquainted with how Avanade operates and start in on some initial training. Stay tuned for more to come soon.

3 thoughts on “First Day at Avanade

  1. AdamC

    Alex, fun post. Congratulations on your new position with Avanade. The adventures are just beginning! I hope you had an umbrella for the walk home. But of course a rainy day in Seattle is like sunshine to me.

    Welcome to Avanade!

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