Every Day Carry: Flashlight


An essential part of any every day carry is a flashlight. A light can come in handy for simple things like searching a glove box or even used by some as an aid in self-defense. As with all every day carry items, a size vs. function trade-off is in order. With a flashlight this comes down to brightness (measured in “lumens”).

As an every day flashlight, I choose LED Lenser K3 Mini Flashlight, which you can find on Amazon. LED Lenser, now owned by Leatherman, has been making lights since 1994. Nice history, although I have to admit, this one came as a freebie from my last purchase at the Leatherman outlet store last time I visited Portland.

Previously I carried the Pelican Flashlights 1910B Gen 2 LED Flashlight but switched after the end cap started failing. Worked well for the year I carried it though.

Here is a great article on why Every Man Should Carry a Torch: A Primer on Flashlights (via The Art of Manliness).

What flashlight lights your way every day?

Every Day Carry: Multi-tool


Next, as part of this Every Day Carry series, we will take a look at multi-tools. If we think about being prepared for anything, these things are often the right tool for the job. Whether you want to open a package or letter, tighten a loose screw, or file down a rough fingernail, you’re set.

In terms of multi-tools, I choose Leatherman Squirt S4 Multi-Tool, which you can find on Amazon, along with its comparable later models. When you think of multi-tools, Leatherman is the household name. In fact, many often refer to these things as ‘Leathermans’ even if they aren’t, in the way we say Q-tips or Kleenex.

If you are looking for something a little more… substantial, here are a couple other models that, although take up more pocket or even belt space, could be much more handy depending on what you face.

What multi-tool products do you carry every day?

Every Day Carry: Lip Care


In the first installment of Every Day Carry we will focus on lip care. Nothing is more important right as you arrive home from work than having lips that have been cared for during the day.

For lip care, I choose Vaseline Lip Therapy, Cocoa Butter , 0.25 Ounce, which you can find on Amazon in single, double, or multi-packs for a decent price. The size and shape of the container fit well into a front jeans pocket and will last for many months of smooth, soft, and healthy lips. I prefer the cocoa butter version but they have others.

What personal care products do you carry every day?

Every Day Carry


What is every day carry? Every day carry, or “EDC”, is the items that one carries with them every day to be prepared for anything, from taking a quick note to self-protection.

This post’s featured image was taken a few months ago of items that were in my pocket. That day I was prepared for a dark room, a dry windy day, and a sneeze.

Coming up I’ll share about some of items that I carry most days in a series titled Every Day Carry.

What do you carry every day?