First Two Weeks at Avanade


Today was the mark of my first two weeks at Avanade and I have to say that each day gets better and better.

I was fortunate enough today to go out to lunch with one of our directors, a few of our recruiters, and some of my fellow new Seattle hires. It was an hour filled with good food and good conversation. If you are looking for a good place for a seafood meal check out Anthony’s. I recommend one of their amazing salmon or tuna bowls.

As far as orientation and training goes, Avanade has presented us with a very interesting, and I think very unique, training regiment. After our initial orientation to the company, which included a series of videos and documents outlining company vision and goals, we got right into training on how to be a consultant and work on projects in teams.

My next few weeks will be filled with virtual and in-person team meetings, technical training videos, and a whole lot of development as we work through a simulated .NET project. Stay tuned as I will be sure to give you an update on how the project ends up… if I survive it, that is.

First Day at Avanade



Today was my first day at Avanade in Seattle. The day started with a walk to work, which was just a bit over a mile down Elliott Ave and only took about 20 minutes. I arrived right on time and after a short greeting, was taken up stairs to get my badge and an office tour. The morning continued with a laptop and technology orientation. Being that a technology consulting firm, Avanade employees utilize the very latest from Microsoft. Then after lunch we continued on with the HR and Staffing orientations. And of course, being Seattle, the walk home was very wet. I learned that walking next to a busy street with fast moving cars in the rain with puddles on the road.. is not such a good idea. All in all it was a very overwhelming but exciting day and it looks like a very busy week ahead while I try to get acquainted with how Avanade operates and start in on some initial training. Stay tuned for more to come soon.

Pearl Django at Jazz Alley


For all of you that even remotely enjoy jazz music or listen to KPLU, check out Jazz Alley ( in Seattle, Wa. I had the pleasure of listening to some of the most talented gypsy jazz musicians in the county tonight. For those not familiar with gypsy jazz check out Pearl Django on iTunes or Amazon. A typical gypsy jazz ensemble is comprised of a stand up bassist, a accordion player, a violin player, and some of the most talented guitar players you have ever heard, one playing rhythm, one playing melody. This is some of the most energetic and intricate music in existence and is truly amazing to listen to and even more amazing to see being played in front of you.