Apartment Hunting


Today was my third and final day of apartment hunting in Seattle.

I started on Sunday with a tour of Belltown with my grandma where we looked at several apartment complexes around the area. Unfortunately, in Belltown, they were all either too small and ghetto or too expensive.

I was at it again on Monday where I focused in on one studio on 3rd and Blanchard. After inspecting the apartment I was almost sure that this was the one. That is until we discussed parking. This complex does not offer parking and it was going to be an additional $200 a month to park at the local garages. So I decided to sleep on it.

Today I decided to put in a call to a private condo owner who was looking to rent out his condo down on Elliott Ave W, about a mile and a half from work, down Elliott. Went down, took a look, and asked where to sign. This place is a bit on the higher end of my price range but since I will be doing some work from home, I figured that I better be in a place that I could actually enjoy living and working in.