Dynamic Cascading Drop Down Lists


Recently, I have been doing a lot of ASP.NET development inside of SharePoint. Once area that I have found to be quite tricky, although not SharePoint-specific, is dynamic ASP.NET controls. In particular, managing postbacks when you have dynamic ASP.NET controls.

Here is a link to the source code for a Visual Studio 2008 solution, which demonstrates the use of dynamic cascading ASP.NET drop down lists that happen to query SharePoint.


If you are not developing on a SharePoint box you can simply replace the SharePoint queries with some other data source such as a generic list.

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The First Project


Well, the training was finally over and the start of March brought the start of my first project as a consultant at Avanade.

After a little bit of networking with a fellow WWU grad, I got onto my first project, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s at Microsoft. I am currently working in a small team as a UI developer working with ASP.NET, C#, and SSRS, which is quite an exciting opportunity considering ASP.NET and SQL Server are my bread and butter. There was only one problem.. I (and my trusty new laptop) had to be converted to the Microsoft religion before being able to do pretty much anything. So after a new laptop image, hours in software installs and reinstalls, badge creation, badge recreation, and a smart card reader I was finally fully capable of working at Microsoft.

As developing on this project starts I have decided that I will be expanding the scope of my weblog to not only include life snippets but also some code snippets and developer thoughts that I find useful or interesting along the way.