Every Day Carry: Flashlight


An essential part of any every day carry is a flashlight. A light can come in handy for simple things like searching a glove box or even used by some as an aid in self-defense. As with all every day carry items, a size vs. function trade-off is in order. With a flashlight this comes down to brightness (measured in “lumens”).

As an every day flashlight, I choose LED Lenser K3 Mini Flashlight, which you can find on Amazon. LED Lenser, now owned by Leatherman, has been making lights since 1994. Nice history, although I have to admit, this one came as a freebie from my last purchase at the Leatherman outlet store last time I visited Portland.

Previously I carried the Pelican Flashlights 1910B Gen 2 LED Flashlight but switched after the end cap started failing. Worked well for the year I carried it though.

Here is a great article on why Every Man Should Carry a Torch: A Primer on Flashlights (via The Art of Manliness).

What flashlight lights your way every day?

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