Apartment Finding and Durant Durant


Well.. I am officially a Seattleite. This evening I meet with my landlord to sign the lease for my new place in Seattle. And to make the night even better, Kelly called me with an extra ticket to the Sonics game.

So after battling traffic and arriving half an hour late to meeting with my landlord, we were off to the Sonics game. But wait, about 5 minutes after leaving my condo, yeah, we get rear ended. Luckily there was no visible damage to my car. So he gave me his number and, after a “cheers”, he was off and we were back on our way to the Key.

Long story short, the Sonics suck.. I am sorry, but they do. And to make it even worse the best parts of the game were the 3 alley oops by the Hornets.

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